Gourmet Atomic Frog Balls

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Frog Balls have the same great recipe as always in a brand new jar now!  We are using this "salsa" style jar for both o… + More


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Frog Balls
I took a trip a couple of years ago with my kids and stopped by at a small diner a noticed these jars. My husband and I love trying new things and bought them. OMG!!! They are great I so want to order more....these are so good!
Best Brussel sprouts ever!
I first discovered Frog Balls on a trip to California last year, and couldn't wait to try them (I love Brussels and all things pickled). They are fantastic! I have been looking for them at gourmet and 'foodie' shops near where I live in Ontario (Canada, not California) and no one has even heard of them. Can't wait to receive my order for more Frog Balls.
Pleasant indeed
The frog balls are a pleasing (indulgently)alternative to an olive garnish in either a gin or vodka martini.The store where I've bought them can't keep them in stock apparently
Yee Haw Nummy!
We bought the first jar in Kernville, CA, and have to keep them on hand as snacks and conversation starters. I LOVE sprouts, and these are a natural offshoot with a fun name, a funny look, and an outstnding flavor. My only suggestion would to be to mke them in three heat levels, from wimpy to macho!

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