Original & Legendary Frog Balls

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NEW LOOK!!  We thought it was time the label color matched the contents.  Voila!  Introducing the new green Frog Ball… + More


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Customer Reviews
Delicious brussels sprouts!
These were sent to me partly as a joke, since I raise black sheep. They turned out to be the most incredible yummy thing I've ever eaten. The spice level is perfect. They're not soft, they're crunchy but with a tender bite, and the flavor is immense. I'm not only eating them as is, I'm figuring out recipes to use them in. They're really wonderful.
I have been ordering these Frog Balls by the case for the last couple of years! I thought I’d kick this craving a long time ago, but no such luck!! I’m totally addicted. Only downside, is when I run out. These are amazing.. the perfect combination of flavors. Love this company, the customer service matches the quality of their products!!
I love anything pickled but…
I was honestly skeptical (even though I bought them any way) and when I tell you I was blown away! They are sooooooo freaking good! Don’t be skeptical and just buy them
LOVE these little balls of deliciousness!
Even if you don't like brussel sprouts (as the case with my husband and 2 sons), you will find these Super Delicious. They use some sort of 'magic marinade' that causes addiction! I like them strait out of the jar, and have used them in bloody mary's as well. I recommend that you buy some!!!
I just purchased these this past weekend from Ironstone Winery in Murphys, CA. I bought them as a gag gift because of the name. However, I decided to just suck it up and try them. These are THE BEST pickled ANYTHING I've ever had. Delicious! I can't wait to reorder

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