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Gourmet Pickled Asparagus


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A top seller for years!  A great idea: one of these savory spears plus a small slice of pecorino romano wrapped up together with a thin slice of prosciutto - simply delicious!  Or try this all-American classic seen above: take a slice of your favorite deli meat (smoked turkey is our favorite), blot the excess juice from the slice, slather with whipped cream cheese, lay two spears of Black Sheep Pickled Asparagus in the center, roll up, insert toothpicks every inch or so, slice between toothpicks to create little individual spirals of delight!  This recipe works well with our Dilled Green Beans, too!  Classic Bloody Mary garnish or great just right out of the jar!  Jar size 8 oz. 

Heat Level 1 - 2

(Heat Level indicatory: 0 = mildest, 10 = very hot)   



Product Code: GOUWMMUN2

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