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Bighorn Gourmet Steak Sauce

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We LOVE, LOVE,LOVE old fashioned steakhouses with great food, warm hospitality and cool old neon signs.  So why not create the ultimate steakhouse at home?  Minus the cool old neon sign that is.  Fire jup your grill or season up the cast iron skillet and cook your favorite ribeye or porterhouse.  Crack open a bottle of the "Horn" and settle down to some mighty fine eating.  Truly great on any grilled meat or full-flavored seafood and vegetables - enjoy it with portobello  mushrooms!

 Heat level 2 to 3 on a scale of 0 to 10 (from mild to very hot)

Bottle size 10 oz.

Product Code: Bighorn

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Average Rating: 5

Great zingy steak sauce

This sauce reminds me of the old steakhouses in Los Angeles. Musso & Frank or the Smokehouse. Just a timeless flavor. But more importantly, I like how this has much more flavor than say, A-1. It's got a nice tang to it without that thick mouth feel of other steak sauces.

Adam Gilson :: Apr 29 2020, 16:23 pm

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